Sunday, March 1, 2009

Truly Feeling Like a Member of the Sandwich Generation

Visiting my 83 year old mother in a rehab facility, maintaining two homes, caring for a 5 year old with the flu, walking my dog, feeding my mom's cat, running child to gymnastics/swim/ice skating, running mom to dr. appts., working, cleaning houses, taking daughter to fellow kindergartener bday parties, being thankful that mom was here for another year with us.... oh....I'm tired!!! I'm sure that the possibility of this must have crossed my mind years ago---caring for two people on opposite ends of the age spectrum----but the reality is that I'm faced with multiple emotions of frustration, overwhelmedness, love, happiness, fear, sadness, etc. Just trying to stay present in the moment, because I'm sure that at some point, I'll be devastated that I wasn't able to do it for longer....


kristen said...

that's a lot to have to deal with - i will pray that your mental load gets easier at least, so that it isn't quite so stressful. stress IS tiring (not to mention the physical aspects...)

as you said, the grass is always greener, and although difficult, one day you'll look back on these days and cherish the time, even with the tiredness.

i wish you sleep and relaxation - :) (and of course, happiness in whatever you do!)

McMary said...

Hang in there. I cared for my Dad last year and after they are gone your days seem emptier.
It is nice that your daughter can be close to her grandmother and that they both have you.
Thanks for all the support on my blog--I'll be praying for you and your mom.

McMary said...

happy Mother's Day to you.
Hope all is well.

lisa said...

How are you doing Q? Hope all is well and that you are not too overwhelmed these days. Nothing going on here. Maybe soon...I hope!!

McMary said...

Hi Q--
You asked for my addres and I can't find you email so I will send it here
1308 Kings Run Dr. NW
Rochester, MN

Hope all it well with you.

Stephanie and Gary said...

Quaintance, you are giving the greatest gift, that of yourself and your life and the ones you love will be richer for it. I am sure it is not easy but I also know it seems you wouldn't have it any other way. My thoughts are with you. Also, thank you very much for your supportive comment on my blog as well!

Dean and Janie said...

God Bless You. It is difficult, you are right... and when they are miss them so much because their love and the love they have for you just can not ever be replaced or reproduced. And just went a long way to give that same special motherly love to a little girl half way around the world. Hope by now every one is better and you have had a chance to rest. Thanks for commenting on our progress. Blessings! Janie